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Universal Pan Racks

Universal Pan Rack
  • 2″ H x 4″ W Aluminum Slides Welded to Frame
  • Holds 18″ x 26″ Full Size Pans by Base
  • Holds 12″ x 20″ Steam Pans by The Lip of the Pan
  • All Aluminum – Will Not Rust
  • Available in “KD” Knock down or “W” All Welded
  • Ships LTL or UPS Oversize III
  • Optional
    • Heavy Duty Locking Casters
    • Pan Stop
    • Covers

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Model NumberDescriptionPan Capacity"A" Shelf Spacing"B" Open B/T SupportsWeight
WE3018-KD-UUniversal End Load, KD203"2 7/8"95
WE4018-KD-UUniversal End Load, KD154"3 7/8"76
WE5018-KD-UUniversal End Load, KD125"4 7/8"65
WE5018-KD-UUniversal End Load, KD106"5 7/8"58
WE3018-W-UUniversal End Load, Welded203"2 7/8"95
WE4018-W-UUniversal End Load, Welded154"3 7/8"76
WE5018-W-UUniversal End Load, Welded125"4 7/8"65
WE6018-W-UUniversal End Load, Welded106"5 7/8"58

Options: “CHL”
Optional Covers – call for quote.

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