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Keg Dolly and Trash Cans

  • Heavy Duty Universal Dolly
    • Built To Last!!
    • Eliminate those inferior plastic dollies
  • Industrial Aluminum Tabs
    • Secure Containers for Safe Transporting
  • Five (5) 3″ x 7/8″ Casters
    • Outer Mounted for Stability
      • Three Inches Wider than Plastic Dolly
    • Solid Aluminum Hubs
  • All Aluminum – Will Not Rust
  • Universal Design for Transporting
  • Brute® or Huskee® Round Containers
  • Supports 20, 32, 44 and 55 Gallon Sizes

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Keg Dolly Specs
Model NumberSize W x HWeight
D319P19 1/2" x 6 1/2"6

Ships Completely Assembled

Pro Trash Container and Lid Specs
Model NumberDescriptionColor
PRO32LDGY32 gal. LidGray
PRO32GY32 gal. CanGray
PRO32LDWT32 gal. LidWhite
PRO32WT32 gal. CanWhite
PRO44LDGY44 gal. LidGray
PRO44GY44 gal. CanGray
PRO44LDWT44 gal. LidWhite
PRO44WT44 gal. CanWhite

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