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Chill Tray Dollies

Chill Tray Dolly
  • Flow Through Open Base Design
    • Allows for Maximum Circulation
  • Heavy Duty Transport Dollies
    • Ideal for Cook/Chill Systems
  • All Aluminum – Will Not Rust
  • “Quiet Ride”, 4″ x 2″ Plate Casters
    • 450 lb. Capacity Each
    • Two (2) Rigid
    • Two (2) Swivel
  • Available with Handle
  • Optional
    • Locking Plate Casters
Chill Tray Dolly Specs
Model NumberDescriptionSize W x H x LWeight
CHILL1                             Single22¾”x10”x19”16
CHILL1-HANDSingle w/Handle22¾”37¼”x25½”33
CHILL2-HANDDouble w/Handle22¾”x37¼”x46”36
CHILL3-HAND                       Triple w/Handle22¾”x37¼”x66¾”39
CHILL2-HAND2Double w/Two(2) Handles            22¾”x37¼”x52”49
CHILL3-HAND2Triple w/Two(2) Handles22¾”x37¼”x72¾”56

 Options: “CLPS-4”

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